One evening, while traveling in Sydney, I met the most fascinating creature...Jade. Parched from walking everywhere I ended up on the Rocks at a funky pub in a building that survived the 1900 demolition from the bubonic plague. With Purell in hand I lifted the menu of amber fluids (that's code for beer down under) and pub food and tried to make a healthy decision. Like a cacophony of wild elephants and tin cans on the back of a "just married" car, I heard the most bizarre music coming from the sandstone lined beer garden. With that I walked outside and there was this wild woman with porcelain skin and blue hair playing a didgeridoo with a bass guitarist and steel drummer behind her, I stayed for an hour in some weird musical trance.

The set was over and it turned out Miss blue hair also doubled as my waitress. She took my order after an Aussie salute (that's code for brushing away flies with the hand) and I must confess I probably had the worst meal of my life...but the most fascinating, enlivened service I ever had. The next day remembering we were in desperate need of an employee at Moonglow Café, I offered Jade a job to come work for us in the States, arranged a temporary visa for her given her unique didgeridoo and saluting skills. After three oh so long months of her employ working closely with me and my customers at the Chef's Table, it was clear she was not destined for disciplined pursuits. What to do with an undisciplined employee, well promote them of course!

Jade is now the Style Ambassador at Moonglow Café and luckily for me travels all over the world, meets extraordinary people, while sporting my jewelry...and is gone frequently. I think she has found her groove with this new position and I am happy to have been a part of it.  I would like to invite you each week for many more Adventures With Jade as she globetrots around the world.



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