“Michelle, when a man says he wants to get you high for a date, your first thought isn’t Mount Everest. But here I am at Rongbuk, the highest monastery in the world, just a stone’s throw from the Everest base camp. Stefan who’s from Austria says the view once we get to the summit will be heavenly. I told him I might end up in heaven just making the climb. So, we’re staying at the quaint guest hotel here at the monastery, but it’s hard getting anywhere as prayer flags literally cover the area. Stefan has been keeping my mind off of business, don’t fret though, the locals saw my necklace with the Afghan fabric inset and have told me of a stash of 18th century ceremonial fabric 2 clicks back down the hill. I said, “What’s the address?” They said, “Just look for 2 yaks and a goat in the front yard.” Maybe that can be the name of the necklace, 2 yaks and a goat. Stefan is calling, got to go get my thermals on. Daytime is chilly, but I’m hoping Stefan helps warm me up tonight. Blessings from Rongbuk.” Jade


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