“Dear Michelle, you may find this hard to believe, but Jade is on a spiritual journey. I know that stretches the limits of credulity but even Jade needs some time to contemplate the meaning of life. So where do I go? Tibet, darling! Yes, your favorite repository of spiritual karma and mystical trinkets. Our truck broke down just outside of Lhasa and Bern went back to go get some help. Oh, did I mention; I met Bern in Russia. Blond hair, blue eyes, 12-pack. But I digress. Jade still is looking for some inner meaning, but why should I be lonely in the process? Anyway, your favorite antiquities dealer in Lhasa, Abdul, is meeting us for dinner this evening so before I find peace and tranquility, I’m sure I’ll find some antique fabrics and spiritual items that will spur on your creativity. Got to go, I see Bern coming back in the distance. As they say here in Tibet, Namaste, or as I say, a rippled abdomen makes a rippled dirt highway easy to absorb. Ciao, Jade.”


Moonglow Cafe, timeless jewelry by Michelle Samerjan

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