“Oh Michelle, I have to confess that Jade is a bit of a ditz. You know I’m always thinking of you and your jewelry, so when I heard about the fabulous Silver Coast of Portugal, I just knew Jade had to make a beeline there. I had visions of raw silver, precious gems, well you know with Jade the imagination runs wild! Unfortunately, the Silver Coast was nothing more than paradise…minus the silver and gems. Golden beaches, tasty cafés and a young man named Bartolmeu. He of the six-pack abs. Anyway, when I told him of my disappointment about no silver or semi-precious gems for my “chef” Michelle, he offered to take Jade inland to the town of Sintra to meet his uncle who is world-renown in collecting and selling antique silver jewelry and trinkets from the Far East. Today, we visited the fabulous Pena Palace by Sintra and experienced romance in one of the pre-eminent example of romantic architecture! Jade is blushing! We’re on the way to his Uncle Patricio’s shop. I’m sure there must be something with your name on it. Ciao for now, Bartolmeu is taking off his shirt and getting a few rays. Jade is going to join him.”

Jade is wearing SMOKED KALTACHA (Necklace) & SMOKED UZBEK WONTON (Earrings)


Moonglow Cafe, timeless jewelry by Michelle Samerjan

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