“Dear Michelle, greetings from Mahabalipuram on the east coast of northern India. You may ask why Jade is in a swimsuit, but I would be surprised if you didn’t know the beach here is divine and also home to the last remaining of the famous seven shore temples. Of course, I came to visit the famous statue of the sleeping Lord Vishnu. After a rocky evening with Raj and his family in Jaipur, Jade needed to recompose and find inner enlightenment. While on my quest today for harmony, under a most delightful beach cabana, Jade stumbled upon the most wonderful source for 18th century terra cotta amulets in the shape of Buddha and other Hindu deities. My sweet beach boy from the hotel, who brings the most wonderful tea, mentioned his family is descended from a long line of artisans who craft these amulets. When I told him about your jewelry and art he insisted I visit his grandmother. Jade will be on good behavior as I understand I will be having dinner with her as well. Wishing you all the best, and I’ll keep these little trinkets coming. Love, Jade.”


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