Chef de Cuisine - Michelle Samerjan

For over twenty years, Michelle Samerjan has excited collectors worldwide with her exquisite fine art that blends her collection of antiquities from central Asia and China with a unique palette and vision of today. The result is a completely unique hybrid that crosses the harmony of the old world with the hope and dreams of today. For years, these fine art works have been available in galleries across America.

Moonglow Café represents the evolution of bringing the same textures, colors and rare antiquities into the arena of wearable art featuring necklaces, earrings and bracelets.

What may be surprising is this global visionary was born not in a far off exotic land, but in Indianapolis, IN.

Her journey to become a fine artist began as a youngster. Exposed to the techniques of fine art at an early age, she mastered the basics and no matter at what stage of life she found herself, art was her expression of her innermost thoughts and desires.

In her late teens and twenties, she experienced firsthand the world of high-end quality fabrics and their relationship to clothing. Working within the fashion industry, she quickly became aware of textures and patterns in a functional form. Soon she began incorporating unique and exotic fabrics into her works of art.

Ultimately for an artist, the work becomes about meaning and exploration. She began to work with antique fabrics from Asia from her own personal collection, and at that point she was creating a style to which collectors could not only relate, but infuse their own mysticism and belief into.

With Moonglow Café, the journey continues with the synthesis of rare antiquities combined into a sensual menu of textures and colors. Michelle’s new creations dip into the world of new age and world thought while bringing the immediate joy and sensation of delight when worn.

Moonglow Café. Timeless creations for today.

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Moonglow Cafe, timeless jewelry by Michelle Samerjan

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