“Michelle, Jade is back with her peeps! Sometimes you just have to get back to where you started. So today, I’m soaking up the vibe of the aboriginal mystics up here in the Northern Territory of Australia at the Devil’s Marbles. When Jade rocks, she wears sturdy shoes, a wide brimmed hat, and devilish lipstick. But last night was a trip…literally! I stopped overnight at Wycliffe Wells, the UFO capital of Australia. And Jade was abducted!! Don’t laugh!! Two little green men spirited me to their ship. But no worries, they just asked to scope out my cool necklace. But they beat my latest dates in terms of conversation and manners. They opened the door for me, served me some food and dropped me back at my hotel. They may have been green but they were gentlemen! Today, I’m out here reflecting on the power of fashion. Truly it not only spans continents but galaxies. So just think of Jade as your now intergalactic style ambassador. And now may not be the time, but bigger responsibilities…more money. A girl can ask! Jade is signing off, hope to be back in civilization in a few days.”


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