“Michelle, Jade has let panic overwhelm her. I was in first class coming back to the states, and besides me a lovely gentleman spent the entire flight explaining to me that the end of the world was coming in 2012!! How did he know this? The Mayans predicted it! When we got off the plane, I booked myself to Mayan central down in Mexico, the wonder of Chichen Itza. Jade needed to go to the heart of the matter and see if we’re all going up in smoke in 2012. When I got there, I walked over to the grand pyramid known as the Temple of Kukulkan or “El Castillo”. The entire site is majestic and all Jade could do was sit under a tree and contemplate, ‘Could the end be coming?’ At sunset, I realized one thing, the Mayans built a wonder of the world and who builds wonders if the world is just going to disappear? I think 2012 will come and go and I plan to visit Chichen Itza in 2013 and celebrate life as we know it! But, Jade also had the good fortune of beginning my new life with Ricardo who is part Mayan. I figure why not cover all my bases, and have dinner with this perfection of a man. We went in Mérida to the most beautiful restaurant, Nectar. I dined on their brisket cooked for 48 hours and then Ricardo and I adjourned to his hacienda. When Jade awoke the next day, I knew even if the world ends tomorrow, I fully lived today. Adiós, Michelle.”


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