“Hola, Michelle! Jade has been a naughty, naughty girl. I think I’m on Ibiza, but last night is a bit of a blur. I was enjoying Venice when a group of Euro-trash literally swept Jade up into their private jet. Germans from Frankfurt who wouldn’t take “Nein” for an answer! But cute bodies and wads of cash take away Jade’s inhibitions as you well know. Next thing, we land on Ibiza and we are whisked by limo the to Hotel Hacienda. A bit pricy, but Jurgen says don’t worry, it’s on him. I would like to be on him, but before I get that far, they tell me to meet by the pool for some drinks. The view…unbelievable. It literally takes Jade’s breath away. After 3 drinks, it’s off to dinner at a secluded restaurant, Ama Lur. Michelle, the seafood is sublime and the group is delightful. Turns out they are internet millionaires and music promoters. It’s one in the morning, and they tell Jade, now it’s time to party. You know Jade can party, but what comes next even floors Jade. We arrive in the middle of nowhere at Club Amnesia. It’s packed with over 5,000 beautiful people! Another drink and Jade is extremely happy. Then it happens – it’s espuma night. Foam literally spills from the ceiling. Jade’s silk blouse is ruined, but Jurgen graciously bought me a new t-shirt. I know more happened, but next thing I remember, is waking up here at Cala Xarraca with the group. It’s three in the afternoon and I have to say Jade feels a little rough around the edges. I see Jurgen and the group over there, and hot men in black speedos trump looking for beads or trinkets. Michelle, you just have to be patient. But on the bright side, everyone loved the necklace last night. At least until I was covered in foam, then Jade’s wet shirt seem to get more attention. Adios, Jade.”


Moonglow Cafe, timeless jewelry by Michelle Samerjan

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