“Ah, bella Michelle! Jade is in Venice, Italy. And, of course can love be far away? Jade has found not one but two loves! Before you yawn at Jade’s love life neither love has a six-pack or wavy hair. After years of hearing you speak of Cipriani pasta from Harry’s Bar, Jade stopped by for a leisurely lunch. Michelle! The pasta was a revelation. The sauces and seafood divine! No wonder you spend $10.00 a box for this pasta. It is truly the nectar of the gods. My second love is all for you. Murano glass. I know how you love hand-made glass beads and Jade found you a treasure trove. Each Murano bead is a piece of art in itself, and yesterday, Jade spent the day in the Museum of Glass on the island of Murano. The colors and translucence of each piece is a reminder of what truly great artists can accomplish. There is simply no other art form like it. Today, I’m on my way to a sixth generation glass maker who is going to show me some 18th century glass beads, that I think have your name written all over them. Michelle start creating, and until next time, ciao, Jade.”


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