“Michelle, Jade is currently entranced by all things butterflies! I came to Hong Kong both as your style ambassador, and, well, to shop. I was at Stanley Market looking for vintage Chinese fabrics for my favorite jewelry designer and artist…and I came upon one stall with an antique silk robe emblazoned with butterflies. It was as if they were completely real and all had just come to rest on the silk. Apparently, they had been hand-sown in the late 1700s using the “forbidden stitch” technique that was reserved for the Imperial Court. The price at $75,000 was out of Jade’s budget, but the lady who ran the stall suggested if I was in love with butterflies then I had to visit the local preserve at Lai Chi Wo. And off I went. Michelle, it was magical. With over 200 different types of butterflies, it seemed they literally were on every bush or flower. I left with a new reverence for this mystical creature. That’s it from here, I’m back to Hong Kong and shopping to find Jade a little something. Zai zian, Jade.”


Moonglow Cafe, timeless jewelry by Michelle Samerjan

 tel: 678.906.5095