Chef Michelle is starting work on her new "Buddhist Eight Treasure Collection"

incorporating some of her favorite symbolic shapes and spiritual meanings into necklaces, earrings and rings.
To name a few (or eight) they will be motifs of: Conch Shell, Lotus, Wheel, Parasol, Endless Knot,
Pair Of Golden Fishes, Victory Banner and of course her personal fave... the Treasure Vase.
Check back from time to time to take a sneak preview of the Collection as it unfolds.

Here, Michelle is putting the finishing touches on an exquisite necklace with the Treasure Vase motif in bronze,
companioned with ethereal blues and ocean colored Lapis.

Smiling and filing!

Michelle working in her Studio with her ace assistant "Dolce" or "Fumble Paws" as he is known in the Jewelry Business.

Michelle and "Dolce" taking a creative break in their Salon.


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